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Sometimes, I really hate people...

SPN Episode (06.17) Rant

So im going to do a play-by-play instead of watching the whole episode and THEN writing about it- that way i wont miss anything when i rant :)

Okay- Here we go :DCollapse )

Happy Belated April Fools!

I was reading through a friend's post and it reminded me of a conversation I had had with a friend of mine on Friday- which we all know was April Fool's Day.

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Im so happy!! and this is why-

season 7 news!!

I hope they continue! I only just got utterly on board with SPN and i love it so much- besides- im not sure if they can wrap up that whole "Great Mother" thing of Purgatory in one single season LOL

Domesticity Meme and Fills

I'm so excited :D I actually filled two of them out and I think they turned out pretty good considering this is only the second and thrid times i've ever written for the boys LOL

Here is the link to the amazing MEME that you all should definately check out!

J-Squared Domesticity Fic Meme

and of course, here are the links to my fills and their prompts :D

Garage Sale
J2; 407 words

Borrowing Each Others Clothes
J2; 359 words

Hope you like them :) Because i sure had fun writing them LOL