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Fic: First Date Part 2

Title: First Date
Fandom: CW/ RPS and SPN
Genre: It's a little bit of everything
Rating: R
Warnings: oh boy, let me see... boys kissing, boys humping each other, boys being tied up, some het, pre-incest, mentions of past drug use, mentions of past depression, character death, mental illnesses of some sort, aliens, cursing, innuendo... i think that's it...
Characters/Pairings: Mostly Jared/Jensen, but there is also pre Sam/Dean, Jared/others, Jensen/others, Misha/Vicki, Jared/Genevieve, past Jensen/Danneel
Summary: There are an infinite number of ways for a frist date to occur. Here are a few examples.
Word Count: 15K+
Beta: the lovely 9r7g5h
Disclaimer: I own nothing- I gain nothing from this, no profit is made, etc.

AN: So what i want to say first and formost is- give the fic a chance? I know that the warning is a bit... odd, but if you even just skim over it real fast, you'll see why! Anyway, this is a response to a prompt the amazing littleworkerbee gave me; the prompt being: J2, first date, Non AU or AU. So thank her! If not for her, this fic would never have seen the light of day! LOL! I hope you enjoy this bb!!! I worked so hard on it for you!!!!!! And I TOLD you it turned into a monster! lol

Before we dive into this, i just wanted to mention real quick that most of these are AUs of sorts, but there is one true NON AU and two specifically from the SPN universe, which is where the Sam/Dean comes in, but I also went with the French Mistake universe...  so yeah lol

Hope you guys enjoy it :)

Part 1

When they had first walked in, bringing with them the vestiges of the Texas summer sun and the smell of country BBQ, he had thought holy shit! They’re gorgeous!

The taller one was exactly that; tall and with ridiculously long legs that seemed to go on for miles. The checkered white and blue button down hugged his broad shoulders perfectly, pulling in close at his tapered waist and taut in all the right places to show off the corded muscles of his arms and a teasingly small strip of skin where his sharp hips can be found whenever he moves his shoulders up even the tiniest bit. Even his hair is perfect; silky smooth looking and long enough for someone to run their hands through it or grip for… whatever their reason may be; and it’s framing an extremely nice face. A hard jaw line and slanted eyes reminiscent of a cat’s, this guy was without a doubt a man’s man.

The other man may have been the shorter of the two (and not by much, perhaps two or three inches at most) and definitely not the most muscular one, but he was most certainly the prettier one, in his own way. His pink mouth was lush and full and his long, sooty lashes surrounded the most intense green eyes he’s ever had the pleasure of seeing. The legs of his tastefully ripped blue jeans were cut close and tight around firm thighs, curving in with the graceful, bowed bend of his knees; the guy had legs made to wrap around someone.

He’d wondered if they were friends or maybe something… more? He’d practically sprinted over to their table to take their order, a flirtatious smirk on his face. They were both tense, if a bit serious, which wasn’t so bad. And god, they had the most perfect voices to be heard; low and whisky rough around their Texas accents.

Now, he just wants them the hell out of the restaurant.

All they’ve been doing for the past hour is bitch! If it isn’t each other they’re complaining about, then it’s the food (and poor Edwardo, he’s the kind of guy who puts love into his cooking like some old grandma who bakes cookies for her grandkids every day, and he never lets a bad plate get served.), and if it isn’t the food, then its each other! And more often than not, it’s to him they’re bitching to. It was kind of funny at first, like a playful and vicious sort of ribbing or something, and then the insults get worst and the arguing starts up and it gets awkward real fast.

At least he doesn’t need to question their relationship status now.

“And I think we should keep whatever this thing is between us strictly in the bedroom.” Jensen, the pretty one, states candidly. It’s the bluntness of the man’s tone and the lack of emotion on his face that makes him wince. He guesses the guy doesn’t care whether their heard or not? They’re just lucky it’s just them, some waitresses, and a couple of teenagers laughing it up in some corner booth on the other side of the restaurant that could possibly hear them.

“Well, excuse me for wanting more than a sexual connection.” The tall one, Jared, hisses lowly, leveling a dirty look at Jensen. Well, at least he knows better than to talk about gay sex in a restaurant in the heart of Texas. They’re fortunate that he’s gay himself, because he knows for a fact that they could have ended up with one of the older waiters if he hadn’t laid claim to them first, and they tend to be a bit more stuck in the ways of the past (much to his frustrations, but he can shrug off all the glares and angry murmurs just fine. He has Edwardo and the waitresses on his side, so he’s golden).

But, no, really—who do they think he is? Their marriage counselor? Their therapist? Uh no. He’s their waiter.

“That’s what your wife is for.”


“Oh, fuck you Jensen.”

“Not tonight; we’ve got an early flight tomorrow.”

Jared growls, low and deep in his throat and clenches his hands into fists, looking all for the world like he wants to punch something. “What’s your problem Jensen?”

For the first time since the two of them have walked in here, emotions flicker across Jensen’s face before settling into a look of resolve. “My problem? My problem is you. I told you. I said, ‘divorce that bitch and we can start something meaningful.’ And you decided you cared more about your image and Genevieve’s feelings than mine. It wouldn’t just be your image and name on the line, you know, and Genevieve’s known about this little arrangement—” he spits out the word like it’s something vile, venom and anger and, underlying it all, hurt dripping off every word and showing everything his calm face is not, “for a long time now, so so much for her feelings.”

“And I would be willing to risk everything, have risked everything: my image, my marriage to Danneel, my relationship with my family—everything, if it meant being with you. And I know I’m not strong enough to give you up entirely, not after having and taking this long, even after—especially after—the big blow out and divorce with Danni, and I can’t help being a little selfish. But I’m sorry to break it to you Jared. While you’re still going back home to her, like hell I’m going to give you all of myself when you can’t do the same.”

He feels himself tearing up a little bit. These two have some serious issues to sort out, man. He’s totally rooting for Jensen though. He can see some of his coworkers eyeing him worriedly out of the corner of his eye, but he makes a subtle hand gesture to convey he’s fine. They go back to work after giving him one last glance.

Jared looks a little flabbergasted, like all of this is new to him, but from the way Jensen’s jaw is clenching, it probably isn’t. At least, most of it isn’t. Jared opens his mouth to say something, but he’s done listening to this crap. Enough is enough.

“You heard the dude,” he interrupts Jared before he can get so much as a syllable out. “Man up! Stop being a fucking pussy. You shouldn’t expect to have everything without a shit ton of consequences, so figure out what’s more important to you and work for it and don’t let anything else break your focus.”

They’re both staring at him in varying degrees of shock, Jared gapping at him in horror like he’s only just noticed he’s been standing here for the entire conversation, and Jensen blinking at him in surprised gratefulness.

He can feel himself flushing, but he makes sure to glare at both of them when he says firmly, “Now, get the hell out of this restaurant!”

They leave without a word (though Jared looks pretty close to saying something), Jared leading the way to the door. Jensen pauses one step out and nods back to where he’s begun cleaning up the two boys’ meal. He nods back and then Jensen is gone.

They’re going to be fine, he can feel it. Jared seemed to honestly be considering Jensen and his words carefully and if the pitifully apologetic looks he was sending Jensen is any indicator, then he wouldn’t be surprised to see them again, but happy and together as they should be.

He pockets the enormous tip.

Who knows, maybe they’ll even invite him in for a threesome out of gratitude for helping their coupling. He doubts it (Jensen deserves to have his dude all to himself after all the shit he’s apparently been through), but hey, a guy can dream.


She’s seen him watching her sometimes. That tall new guy who has the shift in the men’s department, four PM to eight on weekdays and noon to nine PM on weekends. The looks he gives her as she passes by aren’t like the ones other employees give her, his gaze appraising and lingering, but not overly so, like he cares about more than just the way her lips are sinful and lush or that her ass is the perfect mix of tight and round.

Maybe that’s why she agreed when he had sheepishly asked her on a date a couple days ago during lunch break.

Or it could be that she’s done her own looking. He is certainly hot, broad shoulders and hair long enough to run her hands through and a dimpled smile that makes her heart skip a beat, even when it’s not directed anywhere near where she is. He’d be perfect for a quick fuck, if she were at all interested in that (though she has been tempted to make an exception to that rule for him, but ultimately hasn’t), and it seems he isn’t either, or he wouldn’t have been so genuine and nervous and babbly when he was asking her out.

It’s kind of nice for a guy to be treating her like a normal human being and not a piece of ass to be taken and then throw away.

That doesn’t mean she’s not going be on her guard through the date though. She’s kept even the most aggressive of guys out of her pants when she’s had to and she’s sure she could take him if he pushes for it. She just hopes she doesn’t need to.

Jensen peeks out the living room window when a set of headlights alerts her to a car rolling into her driveway. She clenches the red fabric of the curtains for a second, steeling herself for what will either be a great night or another regret, and swallows her resolve.

She puts on her favorite leather jacket and grabs up her purse, locking the door to her apartment behind her when she leaves. Jared is out of his truck and standing awkwardly and indecisive on the bottom platform of the stairs, a smile lighting up his face when he sees her.

“Hey, I was just about to come up and get you. You look really nice.” He looks nice too, a stripped button down with rolled up sleeves and relatively tight pants with torn bottoms and from the looks of it he tried to tame his floppy hair and gave up. That’s okay though, she likes his hair the way it is, soft looking and lightly curled at the ends.

Her smile is a little tight in response, but she can’t help it; it’s as natural a defense as skin and bone is for softer, easily damaged insides. “Thanks. So, where are we going?”

The grin on Jared’s face dims slightly, but brightens again when he says, “Oh, it’s a surprise. I’m sure you’ll like it.” He opens the truck door for her, starts it, and then they’re off.

The ride is awkward, but not as bad as it could be. Jared fills the silence with ramblings about this and that, and about halfway to wherever they’re going (“Just a few more minutes!” Jared grins), Jensen notices she’s begun relaxing little by little. His voice, she decides, is something she’s going to record at some point, even if the date doesn’t pan out, because his voice is just so full of energy and hope and if it had a color, it would be yellow like the sun, and who wouldn’t want to bottle up something that bright and happy?

When they finally pull up to their destination, Jensen is surprised to see that she doesn’t recognize the place at all. Normally, she at least has some idea about the places she’s taken to, but when she racks her brain on this one, she draws a blank. She takes in the plain brick work of the building’s face, nothing especially distinguishable, only an old sign proclaiming its name, though it is faded and illegible.

“Come on.” Jared beams at her, dimples carving hollows deep into his cheeks, and grabs her hand, leading her into the building and the pulsing noise associated with a swing club that bursts into life the second he opens the door.

All around her, couples of all ages dance to some of the oldest music she’s ever heard. Jared draws her towards the bar, his larger hand warm and firm compared to her smaller one, and orders them both water. And though a guy ordering her drinks for her when she’s perfectly capable of looking at the menu is usually a turn off, she doesn’t feel the irritated pang when he does it.

“They don’t sell alcohol here, since this is sort of an all ages kind of club. And all they play are songs from between the sixties and the nineties,” he explains over the music.

She finds herself smiling a little, a genuine quirk of her mouth, to which he replies with one of his own.

The water, when it comes, is deliciously chilled and fresh with crushed ice, and they tap glasses in a toast before taking a drink. Before long, Jared drags her out to the dance floor, laughing off her halfhearted attempts to dissuade him. She grips his hand tightly in her own and awkwardly stands there while he tries to get her to dance with him. The music shifts effortlessly into a slow song.

The smile that spreads across his face is softer than any of the ones she’s seen so far and her pulse immediately kicks up, a flush heating up her cheeks. He bends slightly at the waist and offers his hand. “Will you dance with me?”

And how could she say no? Every other guy she’s ever gone out with just sort of forces themselves on her, and then here’s Jared, adorable and not pushy at all.

They sway together, not extremely close, but close enough to be able to have an intimate conversation. They talk all through the song, about little odds and ends and future plans, and don’t even notice when the song changes from a slow paced melody to a fast paced boogie.

And they have so much fun, dancing and talking and laughing and finding out more about each other and by the end of it, he drives her home and leaves her on her stoop with nothing more than a quick, chaste kiss and a blinding smile that makes her inwardly swoon like the teenager she hasn’t been for years.

Jensen closes her door and leans against it, listening to the faint rumble of Jared’s truck pulling away and biting her lip to fight off the giant smile threatening to split her face in half.

She’s more than okay with the idea of going on another date with Jared.

In fact, she’s going to ask him out herself.


Sometimes Jensen wonders how he got so lucky, considering his less than fortunate childhood and a tiny venture into the life of depression and drugs (which he has thankfully overcome, thanks to the support of his family, the few friends who weren’t terrible influences, and the sudden need to express himself through art). First, he managed to get into the college of his dreams even though he took a two year break (in which he attended rehab, failed and then passed, and finally got his life back under control) and just barely scrapped by in the entrance exams. Then he ended up in the perfect art class with the perfect professor and the even more perfect subject to draw nude.

This leads into the third and final lucky break he’s caught. Jared Padalecki, the perfect nude model with a body like Adonis and a smile like the sun, had noticed him out of the hundreds of students who attended Miss Loretta’s art lecture and asked Jensen out. Never before has someone done this willingly. Sure, there were the pranks people played on him and the dares people were too stubborn and/or stupid to refuse, all at his expense in the end, but no one in their right mind would have actually wanted to date someone as messed up as Jensen was. It’s a good thing he’s cleaned up his act.

He even counts what the date turns out to be as something to feel blessed about; it’s better to have a date with someone so hot and funny, then no date at all. Never mind that he can’t skate for shit and more often than not ends up bruising his ass with how much he falls, much less at a park where things like rocks and uneven pavement come into play.

Strangely enough, however, he hasn’t fallen nearly as much as he does on his own. But that’s probably because Jared, the touchy-feely guy Jensen didn’t know he is but is endeared to none the less, is holding his hand in his big warm, calloused paw. Not that he still doesn’t trip on a rock or trash or, hell, even air and flail around a bit, because he sure as hell does that a lot. And sure, it’s embarrassing as all get out and he can’t help flushing warm and red in his ears and face, but it’s pretty worth it, Jensen thinks, because it gets Jared to laugh and as sappy as this sounds, Jensen really loves Jared’s laugh.

Even before the guy had asked him out, Jensen has wanted him; to hear him laugh, to see him smile, to watch those damn dimples wink into existence over and over again. And lord knows he sounds like some schmoopy chick flick, but he does. He really does. He wants it all.

He’s known Jared for a long time, after all. Ever since the Padalecki’s moved to Richardson seven years ago. Though it’s more like Jensen has been pining for him for a long time; Jared hadn’t known he even existed back in high school. No one can really blame the guy though, nobody really knew Jensen back then. He had liked to stay in the shadows, kept to himself and didn’t talk to anyone who wasn’t dealing him that weeks hit or wasn’t that night’s whore. He had enough shit going on with his father dying; he didn’t need the added burden of friends. It was only until later on, when he needed them the most, that he had found out that he did have some all along.

“Hey.” Warm hands cup his cheeks, thumbs stroking the soft skin under his eyes. “Where did you go off too?” Jared smiles slightly, bottom lip trapped by his teeth, eyes the color of hazelnuts and sparkling in the sun filtering through the canopy of summer leaves swaying in the breeze.

Jensen hums. “Nowhere special.” He shifts a bit so that the obnoxiously pointy bark of the tree he is leaning against isn’t uncomfortably poking him in the spine. Bushes and trees and tall soft grasses surround them on all sides, like their own little nest or something. It’s quiet. Nice.

“Yeah, okay.” Jared gently turns Jensen’s head this way and that, lips pursed in concentration, tentatively searching for blood. “Are you sure you’re feeling alright, man? You hit your head kinda hard.”

“I’m pretty sure there is a pick up line I could use to go with this,” Jensen says.

“Jerk.” Jared raises an eyebrow, not budging.
He sighs and pauses to take stock of his injuries. His hands are stinging a bit and he can see some little rocks and pieces of concrete pressed into the scrapes, all of which are gone once Jared’s picked them out with careful tugs. The knees of his jeans are torn out and grimy, a little red in some places on the edges, which sucks because these are his favorite pair of jeans, all nice and well-worn and soft but with just enough firmness to curve just right over his ass. His head is throbbing like a mother fucker, but it doesn’t feel like he’s about to pass out or anything. Advil or Tylenol or something should help. “I’m good. Just a few scrapes and a headache.”

It probably could have been a lot worse if he hadn’t had Jared to grab onto before he plummeted to the ground or had the bushes and grasses to break his fall. Fucking dogs and their stupid owners with their too-long leashes. One of these days Jensen is going to find a way to burn them all, like how Aurora’s parents had all the spinning wheels burned in the courtyard of their palace in order to protect their poor baby. Lot of good that did though, but at least she had her prince charming come save her.

What? He has a little sister into that prince charming, happily ever after bullshit.

“Okay good,” Jared says, relief pulling his mouth into a grin. And suddenly, Jensen finds himself with a lapful of one Jared Padalecki.

Jared bites his lip and palms Jensen’s collar distractedly. “This isn’t too fast right?”

Jensen swallows thickly and clears his throat, using the hold he’s got on Jared hips to drag him closer. “No. No, of course not.”

“You’ll still respect me later?” It’s teasing, but Jared’s got a vulnerable edge curling in the corner of his mouth, like he feels like he can’t have this, almost self-deprecating if Jensen ever saw one.

“Dude, I don’t think I’ve ever respected anyone more.”

A shaky laugh and then Jared’s got his mouth pressed to Jensen’s in a kiss. Jensen’s breath hitches in a gasp, eyes closing, arms reaching out to pull Jared closer still. His hands slip under Jared’s shirt to find the furnace like heat of his back, goose bumps pimpling his skin. Lips part, tongues swiping against tongue and teeth and the wet inner cavern of each other’s mouth and Jensen moans softly when Jared nips and pulls on his bottom lip with his teeth. He feels overheated and shaky, not knowing where to put his hands, restlessly moving, like some inexperienced thirteen year old instead of the overly experienced twenty-two year old he is.


Jared draws away, Jensen’s mouth chasing after, but Jared just huffs a breathless and husky laugh and drags him mouth down, nosing Jensen’s collar aside, and biting the visible skin at the juncture of shoulder and neck hard enough to bruise, hard enough that Jensen will be feeling it for days to come. Like a claim. Jensen jerks at the thought.

“Fuck, Jensen.” Jared pulls back so Jensen can see how the pupils of his eyes have eclipsed over the hazel colored iris’. “You have no idea how much—how long, I’ve wanted to do that,” he groans, must see something on Jensen’s face or something, and then crushes their mouths together again before moving to mouth and nip and suck at the sweat slick hollow between jaw and ear. Says between kisses, “God, you really have no idea. Jesus.”

Jensen pushes and pulls Jared until he’s got him sprawled on the grass, and scrambles until he’s on top. He shoves one of his thighs between Jared’s and watches with rapt attention when Jared throws his head back and moans, a red flush seeping from his face down, down his neck and disappearing under the collar of his shirt. Jensen really wants to see how far it goes. “I got a pretty good idea,” he grunts out, licking a broad stripe up Jared’s neck.

Jared shakes his head, gasping out little hitched whimpers in sync with the thrust of their hips, and drags Jensen’s head down with the hand he’s got on Jensen’s neck until their foreheads are pressed together, their mouths slip-sliding against each other, lips numb and swollen and sharing breath. “No, you don’t. You don’t—fuck—stop that!” He pushes Jensen off him, Jensen too shocked to put up much of a fight, starts moving backwards on his hands to get away (rejection, Jensen thinks in bleary panic), but Jared heaves him back, saying, “Nono, I didn’t mean it like that. Shit. It’s just that it’s so hard to tell someone something important when they’re dry humping you.”

Jared gets Jensen onto his back; is leaning over him with his hand clenched in the fabric over Jensen’s pounding heart. They breathe heavily, staring at the other until suddenly they burst into laughter.

“Oh my god.” Jared pushes his face into the hot skin of Jensen’s neck, snickering. It trails off into a hum when Jensen pulls his hand neatly through Jared’s hair, fingers curling possessively in the sweaty strands at his nape. Their breathing eventually evens off, though they’re both a bit shaky and their erections haven’t really gone down any.


“You can say that again.” Jared sighs and clears his throat. “I’ve wanted you for years. No— don’t interrupt or I’m not gonna tell you.” Jensen snaps his mouth closed. He didn’t even know he’d opened it. “Okay, so yeah. I remember moving here seven some years ago and seeing you all the time. I’d heard rumors about how you weren’t exactly a part of a good crowd and well, you never really looked like you wanted anyone around so I just stuck to watching from afar. Fast forward a couple years and I hear from a friend of a friend that you’ve just gotten out of rehab and was in the process of applying to college. I may or may not have bribed said friend to find out which one you ended up going to.”

He blows a piece of hair out of his face but it flops right back into place. Jensen wordlessly tucks it behind his ear as a silent cue for him to continue. Now that he’s heard this, he wants to know more, needs to know more; a warm feeling burning in his stomach because apparently he wasn’t the only one pining for someone they thought they couldn’t have. Ironic and pretty pathetic that it ended up being each other.

“So yeah, I didn’t apply here, couldn’t because by the time I found out it was too late, so I go to the college a couple miles away instead. I was just hoping I’d run into you since I have friends here who say they see you around all the time. And when that didn’t happen I nearly gave up. Then I got the job to be the nude model for Miss Loretta’s class and then I saw you. God, Jen, you don’t have any idea how amazing you look when you’re comfortable and in your element and painting or something. I almost have to bail every time, have to think up the most disgusting things to keep from getting hard just thinking about you staring at me and drawing me… And yeah—I finally got the courage to ask you out and the rest is history.” He offers a small, crooked smile.

Jensen processes this, and when he notices Jared’s smile falling dim, he decides he doesn’t really care that the kid’s been pretty much stalking him. It’s what got them here and that’s good enough for Jensen. They’ll need to have a talk about Jensen’s past eventually, get to know each other more definitely, but he won’t worry about that right now either. He cups Jared’s face with one hand and pulls him down for a chaste kiss. “Okay… Okay.” His heart skips a beat when Jared beams into the kiss, deepening it with a soft groan.

Jensen’s last coherent thought before he gets lost in the hurricane that is Jared is that he sincerely hopes they don’t get arrested for public indecency. That would be such a mood killer.


He’s probably crazy.

No, scratch that—not probably. He is most assuredly crazy. And certifiably insane. He should justifiably be thrown into the local nut house. Jared stares at the man—no, not man, alien, he only looks like a man—sitting casually, legs sprawled and arms hanging loosely on the seat rests, across from him. What could he have possibly been thinking, asking a fucking alien out on a date? Not only that, but an alien his family had been assigned to take care of while he remained on this planet for the ten years it should take for negotiations to be arranged and agreed upon. Not clearly, that’s what. Maybe the alien is emitting some kind of pheromone that makes the human species do crazy and spontaneous things like asking them out.

That couldn’t be true though because everyone else the alien has come into contact with over the last couple years hasn’t done anything at all out of the ordinary. Just Jared.

“You should paint some pictures, they’ll last longer.” Jensen raises an eyebrow, mouth quirking up on one side into one of those half smiles that typically translates into ‘you’re weird but I’ll let it slide because I like you.’ His grasp on witty comebacks and euphemisms is definitely better than the first couple times he has tried to make some kind of quip, but he still hasn’t quite gotten the hang of the wording or tone that is usually used. It’s actually kind of endearing.

Except when Jared notices that he finds it endearing and then it’s not endearing so much as just another thing that makes Jared crazy. Jared steeples his fingers together on the table between them and levels Jensen a dry look. “What have you done to me?”

The content smile falls off Jensen’s freckled face. “Huh?”

“Don’t play dumb. You’re doing something to me and I want to know right now.”

Jensen’s brows furrows and his eyes narrow. God, his eyes—bright green and fluorescent in a way that practically broadcasts the fact that he isn’t from this Earth; Jared could stare at them forever and not tire of their beauty. Fuck, there he goes again.

“Jared. I really have no idea what you’re talking about,” Jensen says.

Jared makes a frustrated noise and waves his hand in some kind of vague motion. “You do—you have to. Jensen—” Jared cuts himself off and leans forward over the table toward the alien, his serious expression chipping away slightly to show the panic that’s been boiling under the surface since the moment the words wanna go out with me had left his mouth.

Jensen gives Jared an incredulous look, asking, “Is this really how human dates are supposed to go?”

“No! No, but Jensen, you’re missing the point!”

Jensen looks at him, assessing him like he’s looking into his soul or something. Knowing Jensen though, he probably is—damn aliens and their weird and prying abilities.

“That’s not why you’re upset.” It’s not a question.

Jared looks away and swallows thickly but doesn’t deny it. It’s true. Jensen sighs softly and stands up from the kitchen chair, moving swiftly and silently around the table they’d eaten dinners at with Jared’s family for years now. And yes, Jared seriously took his alien crush—because that’s what it is, what is has to be, because if it isn’t then it’s that one four letter word that Jared refuses to consider at this point in time—out on a date to his kitchen (he’s broke and there is nothing good showing in theaters anyway!).

Jensen is shorter than Jared by only a couple inches, definitely the tallest person Jared has ever been attracted to, but with him sitting and Jensen standing right in front of him, it’s almost like he’s the short one. Jensen carefully puts his hands on Jared’s shoulders and lifts the guise that hides the only visible difference between him and humans; his eyes. Beautiful and softly glowing when looking like a human’s, breath taking and vividly bright, like fire and spirit and life, when normal.

Jared remembers the first time Jensen showed him what his eyes really looked like: they had been sitting on his roof, pointing out stars and constellations and comparing their names and myths for them. And one minute, Jared was admiring Jensen and how gorgeous he looked in the moon light, he had glanced away to see what Jen was talking about for a second, turned back and was met with the inhuman glow of his eyes.

Let’s just say he freaked the fuck out like any sixteen year old would, startled Jensen a bit, and nearly killed himself by falling off the roof, but it’s a good thing Jensen can fly or he’d have been a pancake on the pavement more than two stories below. That happened over three years ago. Jensen only has seven more left here. Which means Jared only has seven years to be with him—that is, if his feelings are reciprocated, though he never can tell with Jensen. He’s still a goddamn enigma even though Jared probably knows more about him than anyone; on earth or on Jensen’s home planet.

“You think too much.” Jensen’s hands run comfortingly up and down Jared’s shoulders and neck, the unusual heat of his hands easing some of the tension there. “Jay, I won’t just up and leave you when my time here is up. Honestly? I prefer it here—and though your customs and culture are still a bit… over my head, I’d much rather be here…with you.”

Jared clears his throat, grips the alien’s hips in a shaky hold, and asks in a small voice that isn’t anything like the loud and boisterous tune it usually is, “Promise?”

Jensen leans forward, his lips brushing Jared’s and they really are as soft and full as he’s imagined them. Jared shifts so their mouths slant more comfortably over each other and moves one hand up to cradle the alien’s soft cheek, thumb rubbing tenderly along the smooth freckled skin. It stays chaste but there’s definitely a promise for more. Something Jared will assuredly be exploiting soon enough if he gets his way.

Jensen pulls back, just enough so Jared can look at his face without his eyes crossing, eyes half-lidded and acid green.


Eh, Jared guesses being crazy isn’t all that bad after all, especially if this is what he gets.


Whenever Jensen has pictured his first date with his incredibly hot neighbor, it didn’t involve him waking up with a pounding headache or being tied to the guy’s kitchen table, naked from the waist up and covered in Werther’s Original butterscotch candies. He prides himself on keeping his dick in his pants at least until the third date, has gotten appreciating smiles from the women and frustrated pouts from the men in response, and had been planning on keeping to this rule because he actually wanted to get to know his elusive neighbor before jumping into the sack. But apparently, he didn’t keep to that, if the hickeys trailing around his stomach and lower are any indication.

He sighs and squints into the cold darkness of the kitchen, willing the throbbing in his head away and wondering where the fuck his date went.

He doesn’t really remember much from the night before. There are flickering images that flash through his mind, a smug and dimpled smile, flashing lights, that he didn’t really drink as much as the headache ripping through his skull constitutes, but they are very few and far between.

The silence around him is deafening and thick, cloying, like maple syrup, and any normal household sounds, a dripping faucet, the hum of the refrigerator, the creak and shift of the house’s wooden frame, are muffled, like his ears have been stuffed with cotton. This is a bittersweet revelation; loud noise equals painful stabbing in his brain, so the least amount of noise is preferable, but that also means he doesn’t really hear the groan of decades old stairs crying out under the strain of a person’s weight.

“Oh good! I see you’re awake then.” A clear and cheerful voice pierces through the foggy haze clogging his brain. It’s just this side of painful; not enough to make his ears bleed but he can’t help but wince all the same. A soft noise clicks and then the lights flickers on.

“Jared?” His voice is croaky and raw and he closes his eyes to the intense light glaring down on him like a spotlight. “What’s going on?”

Jared doesn’t answer, but there are several shuffling noises that show he’s at least still in the kitchen. When Jensen finally manages to pry his eyes open, Jared’s upside-down smiling face blocks out the rays, giving him a kind of clichéd halo effect that he only vaguely appreciates under the ache pounding in his head.

Jared’s smile seems to pull even wider when he notices Jensen’s attention on him, however small, and his head promptly disappears from Jensen’s line of sight. Jensen snaps his eyes closed again against the on slot of light, groaning softly at the pain. He really wishes Jared would turn off that damn light, Jesus.

Seconds later, Jared’s head returns to the task of blocking the retched glow attempting to burn his retinas from the outside in. “Here, swallow this.” And carefully plops what Jensen thinks is Tylonol into his mouth. He works his dry throat until it’s all the way down, ignoring the burn as it scrapes against the soft fleshy inside. Jared drains small sips of water in after it, the cool chasing away the uncomfortable sand paper feel. Jensen clears his throat and mutters a grateful thanks, the pounding in his head already beginning to recede, before shifting, tired and ready to sleep; only too late does he remember he is tied down, and nearly rips his shoulder out of the socket trying to turn over on the uncomfortable surface of the table (though he’s slept in, on, and around worse so it wouldn’t be too bad). His hands and the bit of arm just above the tethered rope is numb, something Jensen wishes he’d noticed before. At least his headache is nearly gone.

“Hey. Jared, dude, could you untie me please? I can’t feel my hands,” he says, flexing his arms and wrists to try and get some feeling back into them.

Jared’s hands slam into the table on both sides of Jensen’s head, making him jump and then hiss when the movement pulls awkwardly on his already sore shoulder. “I’m sorry, that’s just not possible.” And he smiles again, dimples curving in deep into his cheeks.

Jensen glares up at the younger man, pursing his lips and feeling his heart kick up a little, and asks, “Why the hell not?”

“After all the trouble I went through to get you here, in my house, and all to myself—do you really think I would just let you go?” Jared laughs; a warm sound that had had Jensen internally sighing in happiness last night but now leaves a cold chill shooting up his spine. He moves to stand to the side, still within Jensen’s sight. “I would be crazy if I did.”

“Jared, I mean it, man, let me go or I’ll alert the police!”

Jared laughs again and runs an idle finger down the invisible line dividing Jensen’s chest into two mostly symmetrical parts. Goose bumps litters Jensen’s skin, an extremely nervous and extremely bad feeling curling low in his gut. Is this really the hot and easy going guy he had met at the bar last night?

“Tied up like this, there’s nothing you can do. You can scream to your heart’s content but no one will come for you.” Jared leans over and plucks a butterscotch candy off Jensen’s chest with his mouth, humming. Jensen squirms away and grinds his teeth together to keep the strangled sound of disgust from slipping out. Jared catches his eyes; they’re dark and intense, shadows lurking behind them like spirits of the damned, hands warm and possessive on Jensen’s skin. “I won’t let anyone have you. You’re mine and I love you and no one else can have you but me. Five years I’ve patiently waited and now that I have you, you’re never gonna leave! Never!”

Jensen’s heart is pounding a tattoo in his chest, adrenaline pumping furiously in his veins. He jerks his wrists unsuccessfully against the ropes binding them, trying to get away from the anger pouring off the other man in violent waves. The look on his face must trigger something in Jared because his face abruptly transforms into one of drastic concern, “You believe I love you, don’t you?” He frowns and rubs a hand along Jensen’s abdomen as if to reassure him.

“Stop touching me you sick freak!” Jensen’s voice shakes with anger and fear, snarling and breathing heavily. He flinches away from the hand as much as he can, nostrils flaring and eyes going narrow and white around the edges. He’s so terrified; he can barely breathe with how much he needs to get out of here and away from this psycho.

Jared pulls away, an upset look crossing his face before determination replaces it. He shakes his head. “Here! I can prove it to you!” He turns around and draws his shirt up, revealing a burgundy heart with his name and Jensen’s inside it on his left shoulder blade; right where his heart should be. “See? A permanent display of our love.”

“You fucking psycho!” Jensen struggles against the bonds, ignoring the skin tearing from his wrists, blood soaking the material through.

Jared’s eyes widen and eyebrows draw up, hurt and confused, facing Jensen once again. “But Jensen—” and reaches out as if to touch him.

“Don’t you dare!” He hisses through clenched teeth. Cold sweat runs down the back of his neck and over his forehead and into his eyes. He swallows against the nausea caused by the combination of fear and pain playing on his nerves. He can’t deal with this much longer.

“That’s enough! I can touch you all I fucking well want to because I love you and you love me, so—”

“What makes you think I could ever love a freak like you?!”

Jared smirks, harsh and bitter. “I’ve seen the way you looked at me, you stupid selfish idiot—like some love struck loon if I ever saw one—”

“That wasn’t love—and you know it!”

“And as soon as I noticed, I started putting this whole plan into motion! I bought the drugs to fuck you up enough so I could lug your fat ass here where it belongs—where it has always belonged—”

“You roofied me? Who does that anymore?! What the fuck is wrong with you?!”

“Language, Jensen! And it was all for your own good,” Jared says gravely. “Now—now, we can live happily ever after, together forever, just as it should have been from the start!”

Jensen starts to yell, screaming out for help, please someone help him get away from this lunatic—get him away from here! His already flushed face turns a darker shade of red and his throat starts to hurt with how hard he’s trying to reach someone—anyone.

“That’s enough!” Jared bellows, eyes wild, and paces out of sight. There’s a slam of a drawer, nearly drowned out by Jensen’s cries, but the click of a safety rings out loud and clear. Jensen freezes, is trained in knowing that noise because a stupid soldier is a dead one. Though he might as well be dead already.

“Okay, so maybe you aren’t quite as clear on your feelings for me as I know them to be. It’s a river in Egypt after all!” Jared walks back to the side of the table. “But you’re not even giving me a chance to show you how good life can be here! I was hoping we could have our real first date now, since last night wasn’t exactly one at all!”

Jensen swallows thickly, but remains silent. Maybe if he’s quiet, if he ignores everything, maybe this will all turn out to be some terrible too-real nightmare.

Jared sighs sadly, and drags the barrel of the gun along the apple of Jensen’s cheek, “So, you really don’t think you love me?”

Jensen doesn’t speak, doesn’t even give any indication that he’s heard a word Jared has said. His blood is thrumming so loudly and his jaw is clenched so tightly that he wouldn’t have been able to even if he wanted to. Which he didn’t.

“Well? Answer me!”

The gun digs into the soft skin of Jensen’s neck and self-preservation allows his jaw to unclench enough to say, “No, I don’t.”

Jared’s bottom lip trembles slightly, a thin film of moisture wetting his eyes in bitter agreement, and he pulls the gun back to rest at his side. “But that doesn’t mean you can’t grow to love me… unless…” his eyes widens in realization, salty tears trekking down his paled face. His Adam’s apple bobs uncertainly for a moment before his whole face transforms into a mask of dark and twisted fury. “There’s someone else, isn’t there?”

The question startles Jensen into sputtering out, “What? What are you—”

“I knew it!” The younger man wails, tears spilling out and trailing sloppily down his cheeks. He holds tightly to himself, as if to shield himself from the falsehood he has gotten twisted around in his giant crazy head. Jensen doesn’t have any idea how Jared could have gone from such a sweet person to this crazy psycho—that he could have believed Jensen would agree to a date if there was someone else in his life, which there isn’t! Fuck!

What has he gotten himself into? He already feels a hundred years older than he is and with how the way things are going, he probably won’t even make it to twenty-nine. All he can do now is work at the ropes growing sticky and tacky with his blood and torn flesh and hope trying to clear the air will help in some way.

“There isn’t anything to know!” Jensen says, desperately. “If you would just listen to me—”

“Shut the fuck up!” Jared sniffles, wiping ineffectively at the snot and tears dribbling over his chin. “I’ve had enough of this deceit, you manipulative bastard! I’ve loved you for so long and for nothing? Hell no! If I can’t have you, no one else can either!”

He shoves the barrel violently into the fleshy cavern of Jensen’s frantically reassuring mouth, metal clicking harshly against enamel. Jensen nearly gags when it scrapes down to push roughly against the back of his throat; his actual reflex has long ago been dealt with (what guy wouldn’t want someone who could deep-throat with ease?). He starts shaking, thoughts moving a thousand miles an hour too fast and he just can’t keep up with all this. His heart thuds a punishing rhythm against the inner walls of his chest, but he almost feels hollow and empty. He wonders if this is really going to be how he meets his end. He always thought he would die sometime in old age while asleep, a husband or wife resting beside him, his kids moved out and successful and starting families of their own.

“It’s alright, Jensen. There’s no need to be afraid.” Jared cups Jensen’s cheek in his sweaty unoccupied palm, his thumb rubbing gently, reassuringly, a vast contrast to the sharp bite of the gun in his throat. “Just because you couldn’t love me in this life, doesn’t mean we can’t love and be together in the next.”

Jensen closes his eyes tight, tears leaking out. He feels the warm press of lips to both corners of his eyes and his forehead. He hears the grind of metal on metal, a snap—

And then nothing.


As previously stated, there are an infinite number of ways for a first date to occur. These ten examples are, as you can see, vastly different and unique in their own way, while still housing the same two people as the participants. A first date is said to be one of the most joyous milestones in a relationship, besides the first kiss, first lovemaking, and first child. While certain outside factors contribute to when and where the first date occurs, it is ultimately up to the people experiencing it to decide how it should end. They decide if they want to continue to expend time on one another and build toward something lasting, decide if they would rather be friends and part ways amiably, or decide if they would rather commit homicide then to let the other one go. In the end, whether that first date constitutes two childhood friends or a psychopath and his neighbor, a first date is a first date, and that’s all that really matters.

Or not.


AN: And there you go guys!!! I hope you all enjoyed it :D I had tons of fun writing it (except for a couple weeks where I had killer writer's block bleh)! Thanks again to littleworkerbee for prompting me, hope you liked this bb!!!!! And thanks again to 9r7g5h for the beta job and the cheereading and thanks to all my other amazing little cheerleades! Specifically, theoriginal_ist and amethystgrey :DDDDDDDDD I WUV YOU ALL GUYS!!!


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Sep. 21st, 2011 07:05 pm (UTC)
You're welcome hon!!!!!!And thank you so much for your prompt and kind words :D I felt terrible that it took so long to get up- but now im so relieved! lol

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Why hello there, look who has time to finally READ something not written centuries ago. >_>

THESE WERE SO LOVELY. I'm trying to think of which one is my favorite and I don't know. Probably the Sam and Dean one. It was just adorable and lovely. The one with Mischa made me LOL.

And the final one was like...omg crazy. I didn't expect that at first, not until Jared brought the Tylenol and fed it to him instead of untying him to take it...that one was creepy. :(

But the park one was hilariously good, with the skating and tripping on air and public indecency. So was the alien one. "You should paint some pictures..." ::snickers:: It kind of reminded me of Ziva on NCIS mixing up sayings and stuff.

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Alien-Jensen rocked haha. At first I thought Jared was freaked out because he was dating an alien and then it was like awww, he was scared that their relationship won't last. <3 Also, I liked the third person POV, that was cool :)

THis was probably my favourite scene :DDD
Jared bites his lip and palms Jensen’s collar distractedly. “This isn’t too fast right?”

Jensen swallows thickly and clears his throat, using the hold he’s got on Jared hips to drag him closer. “No. No, of course not.”

“You’ll still respect me later?” It’s teasing, but Jared’s got a vulnerable edge curling in the corner of his mouth, like he feels like he can’t have this, almost self-deprecating if Jensen ever saw one.

“Dude, I don’t think I’ve ever respected anyone more.”
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