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  • slothy_girl@livejournal.com
What you call obsession, I call love <3


Little things about me:

* I'm a bit of a perfectionist and a nerdy nerd :3

* I wish I had one of those stress balls so I can ping them off of people (that helps stress too XD)

* I wish I could figure out how the heck to get a darn picture on this thing *kicks computer*

* Laughing is my favorite past time besides reading books and stuff off the internet (like the amazing stuff on here!)

* Compulsive Hugging Disorder is, in fact, a work of imagination, but I love having it all the same (aka- I ♥ hugs LOL)

* Contrary to popular belief, I AM creative, which is why I have the same user name for my fanfiction account ;)

* Emoti-cons and LOLing is sort of an addiction of mine that I can't seem to break

* I hate violence, or rather, violence that I am involoved in- TV/Movie violence? That's perfectly acceptable >D

* I love candy and music like a candy-music loving THANG LOL

* I love to make new friends, so just message me and I'll probably add you :3

* I love editting stories, so if you need a beta, just ask and we can work things out :D

* As you can probably tell, i kinda suck at this LOL, but thanks for stopping by anyway XD

(I do not own the above picture :C)

accents, ancient civilizations, ben and jerry's, black, cats, charmed, code lyoko, dc comics, death to working, eames/arthur, eating chocolate, editting, evil is lemons, friends foreva, funny jokes, gag reels rock, giant calenders, greece, having fun, high on life, huge jackets, hugging, inception omg, j2, jared pada-whattie, jensen ackles, kicking ass at videogames, knee high socks, maximum ride, mythology, night time, percy/nico, perverted eyebrow wiggling, pervy jackson, pictures for me?, pillows, poetry, quirky quotes, rabid squirrels, reading fanficiton, reading until 5am, red, rome, rps, slash, smelly hand lotions, soft blankets, songs on perpetual repeat, spelling errors, stupid shows, supernatural!, swimming like fishys, talk nerdy to me, titanic, warm weather, watermelon, wincest, wornout shoes, wtf